Margaret River - 20 Amazing Local Food Brands From The Region

Margaret River - 20 Amazing Local Food Brands From The Region

Margaret River is famous for its pumping surf and delectable wines. But the region is also making a name for itself in the world of gourmet and artisan foods. When it comes to innovative food ideas, the Margaret River Region is becoming famous across Australia for its diverse selection of natural food brands. From local wood fired bread, to cold juiced beverages, delicious honey and some of the best natural muesli in WA, there are so many great farmers and producers of unique food within this region. In this article, we’ll share 20 local food brands from the Margaret River Region that you'd be crazy not to try.

1. Livity Juice

You haven't lived until you've tried a juice cleanse! Originally launched in 2014, Livity Juice was created by two friends passionate about spreading health. One of the goals of Livity Juice is to help busy people make health their priority. If you're really on a health kick, try a Livity Juice Cleanse, your body will love you for it. You can find Livity in the new Origins Market Busselton. May be an image of drink and indoor

2. Cape Farm Shop

Perhaps one of the more iconic local food brands of the South West, the fine folks at Cape Farm Shop produce some of our favourite caramelised balsamic and verjuice. They also make drinking vinegars/cordials, jams, chutneys, relishes and pickles. All of their produce is vegan, gluten free and contains no artificial nasties. Our Products – Cape Farm Shop

3. Margaret River Muesli Company

Whether you're a big breakfast person or not, the family over at Margaret River Muesli Company are making some of the finest natural muesli in Australia. Their Gaby’s Muesli is baked with natural ingredients and without any added oils or preservatives - making it a great choice for the whole family. Their Premium Muesli range is hard to beat, especially their Protein Boost variety, containing none other than Vasse Valley Hemp Hearts.  

4. Sour Boys Candy

The team over at Sour Boys Candy make delicious rock candy, lollipops and sweets of all varieties. For those with a sweet tooth, their products are seriously yum and you can watch them make their candy exclusively at Origins Market in Busselton. Warning, customers may experience extreme salivation.

5. Krissini

Founders Kris and Elisa have been creating some of the best gourmet handmade breadsticks in the region. Their locally baked and traditional Italian bread sticks are a fan favourite across Western Australia. You can find Krissini at the Margaret River Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.  

6. Foley's Frothing Fermentations

Did someone say Kraut!? In 2011, Foley's founders Margot and Tim started fermenting vegetables. This rather odd hobby led to a brilliant business idea of creating nutrient dense sauerkrauts and gut shots which offer a whole host of healthy benefits. Today, you can find their products in many local shops and across the whole nation. You can find them at the Margaret River Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. BUY ONLINE - Raw Fermented Foods - Gut Health, Probiotic Sauerkrauts and Kim Chi — Foley's Frothing Fermentations

7. Margaret River Cracker Company

Founder Nicola and Bryce have been creating some of the best Gourmet Wine Crackers in the region. The best part is, they source local ingredients and don’t use any artificial nasties or preservatives. With so many great flavours, the Margaret River Cracker Company is the perfect snack to add to your next cheese platter and grazing board. You can find them at the Margaret River Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Margaret River Cracker Company Wine Crackers | MERCHANT & MAKER | Dunsborough's General Store

8. Conehead Ice Cream

Our friends at Conehead are delivering and creating some of the most delicious local ice cream in the region. The Conehead team love collaborating with other local businesses, which is one of our fav things about them. You can find their store-front at the new Origins Market in Busselton. Vasse Valley and Cone Head Ice Cream

9. Eco Kitchen

Eco Kitchen is truly something special. For years now, they have been creating delicious plant based cheeses made with love. Their vegan friendly Cashew Cheeses are a perfect combo for all salad and/or bread lovers. Simply delicious! Eco Kitchen - Margaret River Farmers' Market

10. Seven Seas Tea

Cathy Horan-Anderson the founder of Seven Seas Tea has been making handcrafted teas for several years now. There's a certain simple elegance when it comes to Seven Seas Tea, because each tea is hand-blended, organic and pesticide-free, and made locally. Chai — Seven Seas Tea

11. Temper Temper

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Founders Roz and Georgia are the creators of artisan chocolate company Temper Temper. With over 100 different varieties and creations of unique natural chocolate, the choices are almost endless! If you have a sweet tooth like us, Temper Temper is your go. Temper Temper Fine Chocolate Margaret River, Food & Drinks, Packaged & Instant Food on Carousell

12. Wedderburn Honey

Nothing beats honey straight from the hive! Founders Catherin and Dan Talbot started Wedderburn Honey as a hobby and passion project, after years of batching their honey, we can confidently say they produce some of our favourite honey in the region. You can find them in the new Origins Market Busselton. No photo description available.

13. Southern Forest Honey

The folks at Southern Forest Honey are producing 100% raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized honey. This unique point of difference means that there is no damage to the enzymes, pollens, and natural chemicals found in Southern Forest Honey. You can find them in the new Origins Market Busselton and at The Colony Concept. Owners of Southern Forests Honey Sarah, Simon Green & Family - Picture of The Colony Concept, Metricup - Tripadvisor

14. Margaret River Wood Fired Bread

The folks at Margaret River Wood Fired Bread are truly something else! As they use only the finest quality, certified organic ingredients, this ensures that their sourdough culture bread is some of the best you've ever tasted. You can try their wood fired bread next time you visit the Margaret River Farmers Market Margaret River Woodfired Bread, Santana and Cherie - Local-Is-More

15. Claudio Biscotti

Everyone loves a good biscuit and thanks to Claudio Tallarico (an Italian Chef) who calls the region his home. Claudio's range of Biscotti biscuits are simply to die for! Claudio says, “I try to make biscuits from all over Italy – the north, south and centre. Some biscuits are from the 1400s and you can find out who used to make it: the monk or the chef for the king. That’s fascinating for me.” Meet Margaret River's biscotti king: Claudio Tallarico

16. Bettenay's Nougat

The family run business Bettenay’s Margaret River Nougat is famous across the region. Their flavoured Nougat comes in so many delicious and natural flavours! You can find them at the Margaret River Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. 1080x720-Nougat - Bettenays Margaret River

17. Two Cracks Coffee

Two Cracks Coffee is a small batch award winning coffee roaster. Their coffee is made with heavy Sicilian and Italian influences and their goal is to make sure that you love each cup! Try their unique coffee blends at their shop via 68 Bussell Highway, Cowaramup WA, 6284 Our Story – Two Cracks Coffee – Roastery & Cafe

18. Pick and Gather Pasta

Pasta, pasta, pasta! Founders Matt and Susan have created three different types of fresh ravioli filled pasta with locally sourced ingredients from the Region. Depending on the season, Matt and Susan hold the ethos and belief that their pasta is of restaurant quality at an affordable price. Buy some of their ravioli next time you’re at the Margaret River Farmers Market. Pick and Gather Pasta

19. Gunyulgup Farm

Dan and Caitlyn Atkinson are the owners of Gunyulgup Farm. They offer fresh produce at the local Margaret River Farmers Market and here at Vasse Valley Hemp we’re all about supporting local farmers and businesses that sell paddock to plate. Give our mates at Gunyulgup Farm a follow on Instagram. May be an image of child, standing, outdoors and tree

20. Vasse Valley Hemp Farm

Well of course we had to make the list! Vasse Valley is WA's first hemp foods business, specialising in roasted hemp seed gourmet condiments. If you're looking for a healthy way to add flavour to your meals you can't look past our Salad Sprinkle and Roasted Hemp Seed Dukkah. And then there's our Terpene Tonics, a wonderful alternative to CBD oil. If you are faced with lifestyle challenges such as poor sleep, chronic pain, stress and poor concentration come and pay us a visit at Origins Market. Vasse Valley at Origins Market Busselton

CONCLUSION - Thanks For reading!

We hope you found this little blog about our 20 favourite local foods brands helpful. These are all small, family businesses doing what they love. The next time you take a holiday and visit this beautiful part of Australia, we encourage you to check out each of these businesses and support them on social media and their respective websites too. Most of these brands can be found at the Margaret River Farmers Market and Origins Markets. Go The Hemp People! And make sure that you keep supporting local Australian farmers!   Blog Post Article Written By: Steve Barko Digital Marketing
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