Vasse Valley offers Australian hemp oil for improved health

Vasse Valley offers Australian hemp oil for improved health

Today’s nutritional scientists agree that hemp oil provides an incredible blend of balanced macronutrients that are a healthy part of the modern diet. Continue reading below to learn how hemp seed oil can fit into your diet and offer nutritious benefits.

Hemp seed oil vs CBD oil

Let's be absolutely clear to start off with. Hemp seed oil is an omega rich edible oil coming from the seed of the low THC strain of the cannabis plant. CBD oil is a therapeutic oil coming from the flowering head of the cannabis plant and currently requires a prescription in Australia. It is not legal to manufacture and sell CBD oil in Australia without a license. If you are looking for CBD products, you may be interested in Cannanda's CB2 products, which are a legal alternative to CBD and are stocked on our website.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

There’s a lot of misinformation about what people expect hemp oil can do. Nevertheless, the scientifically-confirmed data is entirely encouraging, as there are many benefits to hemp products. The essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil are the healthy kind that your body needs to operate at peak fitness. Here are some of the benefits of consuming hemp seed oil.

#1 Ideal ratio of omega 6 and omega 3

Hemp oils contain a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, which is the ideal ratio for your body. Most modern, western diets are too high in omega 6, which has a pro-inflammatory effect. Foods high in omega 6 include snacks (corn chips are the worst!) and fast food. Some omega 6 is good, but in general we consume too much and the key to wellness is all about BALANCE.

#2 A vegan source of omega 3

The best sources of omega 3s are from oily fish, like salmon. However, for those on restricted diets or who simply aren't big fish eaters, hemp seed oil provides a fantastic alternative. Omega 3s have been scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits and treat a range of conditions, including:
  • depression and anxiety
  • ADHD symptoms in children
  • inflammation
  • auto-immune diseases
For more information on omega 3 read our blog 4 scientifically proven omega 3 benefits.

#3 Contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)

Hemp seed oil is unique in that it’s the only commonly available edible seed oil that contains gamma-linolenic acid, which is compatible with humans’ natural skin lipids. Even beyond the consideration of skin diseases, this compound may be helpful to potentially improve water retention and promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. People also use GLA for nerve pain, arthritis, high blood pressure and a suite of other health ailments. GLA has also been scientifically shown to aid in treating post menopausal symptoms.

#4 A source of Omega 9

Unlike omega 6 and omega 3, omega-9 fats are non-essential fats, since they can be produced by the body. Diets that replace some saturated fats with omega-9 fats may have benefits for metabolic health.

#5 Better for the environment

Hemp production is easier on the land than many other plants, making it ideal as a sustainable resource. Additionally, every part of the plant can be used to create helpful products. While we focus on the seed and its oil, other producers take the leaves, stems, and roots to create textiles, animal bedding, and more.

#6 Great for pets

Cannanda Dog-Ease full range Hemp seed oil is also great for pets. It alleviates dry skin, improves fur & coat, strengthens nails, is great for a sore cracked nose or paws, and helps relieve joint pain. If your pooch is suffering joint pain or is looking a little lacklustre try popping some hemp seed oil in their dinner. We also stock Cannanda's Dog Ease range which combines the healing effect of hemp seed oil and terpenes.

Not all hemp products are the same

The quality of the hemp oil you purchase depends on how it has been processed and stored. Some equipment may heat the seed as its pressed, decreasing shelf life. Other's may use equipment that produce a bitter flavour. If you try hemp oil for the first time and don't like the flavour we suggest you try a different brand. Good quality hemp oil is slightly green in colour and has a mild, nutty flavour which is slightly sweet.

Why Trust Vasse Valley Regarding Hemp Oil

Located 3 hours south of Perth in Western Australia, we began our business in 2015 to bring wholesome hemp products to our fellow Australians. Over the past few years, the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show recognised our good work with bronze and silver awards for our hemp food submissions. In 2019, the Perth Royal Food Awards provided the same accolade, and the Hemp Industry Awards granted us the Best Packaging Award. Beyond the awards, though, we’ve distinguished ourselves through our dedicated customer service and creative recipes. If you live in and around Perth, check our list of stockists. If you live elsewhere, our entire range is available online with free postage for orders over $50. All of our hemp products are 100% Australian grown and top quality. Try our hemp oil today and start feeling better!
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