About Us

Welcome to Vasse Valley, a forward-thinking Australian business created by husband and wife power team Chris and Bronwyn Blake. Vasse Valley is on a mission to offer natural solutions for everyday health challenges.

Vasse Valley's story is rooted in personal experience. In 2014, Chris was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an arthritic condition causing inflammation in the spine.
After long-term use of prescription anti-inflammatories, Chris developed severe stomach issues due to the medication's side effects.

Faced with the need for a safer alternative, Chris and Bronwyn considered medical cannabis but found it too expensive and risky, especially with Chris's job in the mining sector where regular drug tests are mandatory.

Their search led them to the potential of plants, particularly Industrial Hemp, which is rich in beneficial compounds similar to those found in medical cannabis, namely terpenes, but without the THC. 

Founded in 2017 in the scenic Margaret River region, Vasse Valley is now a leading hemp food company in Western Australia, focusing on products inspired by the health benefits of plants. The company is recognised for its innovative approach, commitment to the environment, and life-enhancing products.

At Vasse Valley, we combine professional expertise with a genuine care for our customers' well-being, offering a range of hemp-based products that bridge personal health needs with holistic wellness solutions.
Join our journey as we continue to innovate with hemp, offering products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.