Enjoy Delicious, Nutritive, and Creatively Edible Hemp Products

Enjoy Delicious, Nutritive, and Creatively Edible Hemp Products

Humans have cultivated hemp products for many uses for more than 10,000 years, including for its textile-friendly fibre, medicinal roots, and healthy seeds. Vasse Valley continues that rich tradition by cultivating hemp to create delicious foods that perfectly balance flavour and nutrition.

What Sets Vasse Valley Apart Regarding Hemp Products in Australia

We stand out among hemp food producers as a trusted source of hemp products online for several reasons:
  • Our hemp products use the entire hemp seed, granting you all the nutritional benefits it contains within. Not only do you receive the essential fatty acids, but also the highly beneficial fibre and protein. These are helpful for your digestive tract and bring new balance to your diet.
  • We have proven our quality to the community by winning several awards, including the 2019 Best Packaging award from the Hemp Industry Awards. Our products have also won the Sydney Royal bronze and silver awards at the 2019 Fine Food Show, as well as a bronze award at the Perth Royal 2019 Food Awards. We take every step of production seriously, so you’ll always receive award-winning quality from Vasse Valley.
  • We’ve been producing quality hemp for years, each year improving on our practices and producing higher-quality hemp. We also continually expand our products, so you can continually find new hemp food and beverages on our site, often the result of partnering with local businesses to share the creative impulse.
We encourage you to explore our selection of vegan hemp products and experience for yourself the award-winning quality that comes from a passion for and dedication to the craft of hemp production.

What You Can Expect from Vasse Valley Regarding Hemp Products for Sale

Our commitment has led us to develop products that reflect a positive philosophy towards work. This philosophy shines through in several aspects of our business:
  • Our business exemplifies the spirit of cooperation. We believe that it’s mutually beneficial to partner with other companies, even those in the hemp industry. In 2017, we worked with other hemp farmers to establish HempGro, Australia’s first hemp co-operative. Together, we were able to bring in new varieties of hemp and improve our collective production quality.
  • Over the years, we’ve developed the perfect roasting method to bring the maximum flavour out of the hemp seeds. Then we grind the roasted seeds to create a crunchy, textured mix that we use for our products. You won’t find these hemp products anywhere else!
  • We’re always experimenting with new ways to enjoy hemp food products. We love to share these recipes with our customers so that they can try creative new ways to enjoy their favourite foods. Our team enjoys receiving feedback and ideas from our loyal customers and testing them out in our kitchens.

About Vasse Valley

We opened in 2015 intending to develop new products from a sustainable resource that has many health benefits. We’re committed to being a beneficial part of the Australian hemp community. Contact us to learn more about our production methods and how we cooperate with other domestic farms.
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