Vasse Valley Offers Hemp Protein

Vasse Valley Offers Hemp Protein

Vasse Valley began growing hemp on our family farm in the Margaret River wine region because of our passion for the sustainability and nutritional power of its seeds, and we offer them as hemp protein. Hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein source, important for vegetarians and vegans. The hemp we grow is non-GMO, as well as chemical- and pesticide-free.

The Benefits of Hemp Seed Protein From Vasse Valley

We began focusing on the hemp plant because of our passion for the environment and finding sustainable solutions in the sourcing of our food. The hemp plant, used by humans since the start of agriculture, became the obvious choice. It is packed with nutrients and protein, but those are far from its only advantages. Here are a few of the other advantages you can expect when you buy from our farm:
  • Hemp is an easy to grow plant that, when grown correctly, requires no chemicals or pesticides. Our hemp is non-GMO, and we have been working on developing strains that can grow in dryer seasons with limited access to water to add to its sustainability.
  • The environmental impact of our food is not limited to growing it. There are ecological costs to shipping, as well. When you purchase your hemp protein powder from an international source, it has to be shipped internationally, but ours is grown right here in Australia.
  • The rest of the hemp plant has many uses, from paper to biofuels. With our commitment to sustainability, we put it all to use.
  • We are putting important steps in place to become a carbon neutral business and give back to the environment instead of taking from it.

The Importance of Hemp Protein Powder

Protein powder is a convenient and healthy way to add an often much-needed boost of protein to your diet. As hemp protein contains all the necessary amino acids that help build and repair muscle tissue and make hormones and enzymes, it is a popular product for those wanting to gain muscle tone or lose weight. A few of the other ways that it is important, include:
  • Protein is a vital nutrient, but the most significant dietary sources of it, especially the ones that come with all nine essential amino acids, are animal-based. Vegetarians and vegan diets can sometimes fail to meet the necessary protein requirements and adding hemp protein powder to a plant-based diet can ensure optimal protein intake.
  • With how over-scheduled our lives have become, there is an essential place for convenience foods. All too often, this convenience comes with a lack of nutrition. Hemp protein powder can easily be added to a shake for convenience without sacrificing nutrition.
  • Protein is not the only nutrient in hemp seeds. They also contain essential fatty acids, high dietary fibre and important vitamins and minerals.

What You Stand to Gain if You Buy From Vasse Valley

When you use our powder for your next hemp protein shake, you will be supporting an Australian owned and operated company that sustainably produces our products. Beyond that, you will be adding one of the most nutrient-packed complete proteins to your diet, with all the health benefits it entails. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of adding our vegan hemp protein powder to your diet.
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