Hemp seed recipes



Hemp Seed Recipes

Enjoy these health and wellness inspired hemp seed recipes.

Each recipe has been created specifically for Vasse Valley by a qualified nutritionist, wellness coach or chef to ensure it tastes great and uses healthy, wholesome ingredients.

Find recipes with hemp protein powder, recipes with hemp oil, recipes with hemp hearts, hemp crumble and hemp dukkah.

Share your favourite hemp seed recipe with your friends and family to help us make hemp a staple in every Australian's pantry.

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How can I find recipes with hemp hearts?

If you're looking for a hemp seed recipe using a particular Vasse Valley product, like our Raw Hemp Hearts, simply use the filter at the top of this page to find recipes useful to you.

Recipes with hemp oil - tip

When using hemp seed oil, ensure you use it RAW. Hemp oil has a low smoke point and cooking it can alter its flavour. Heat also damages some of the good fats, meaning you will loose some of its goodness.

Recipes with hemp protein powder - tip

Whilst hemp protein powder is great in smoothies, try adding it to raw slices too. It can also be used as a flour alternative, though the flavour is quite strong so use a small substitution ratio. We find it goes really well in breads and muffins!