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Cannanda's CB2 range: our decision to go local

In February 2024 the Vasse Valley team made the decision to discontinue sale of the Cannanda's CB2 products.  

In our bid to lower our carbon footprint, we are passionate about providing only Australian-made products to our wonderful Australian customers. 

The Cannanda range has been with us since 2020, when our research first led us to terpenes as a non-cannabinoid compound that could activate the human endocannabinoid system and the discovery of these fantastic products. 

This exploration led to the development of our own innovative product line, our Terpene Tonics, for which we won the 2021 Community Achievement Award for Business Innovation. 

The Cannanda CB2 range has been a key part of our journey, offering a foundational approach for those seeking balance in their health and wellbeing. They are fantastic products and a great all-rounder.

If you would like to continue using Cannanda CB2 these products are still available through our Perth-based distributor Hubert Gourmet.

Alternatively, for loyal users of The Cannanda CB2 range, we invite you to experience the advanced benefits offered by our Terpene Tonics.

Each product in our line is carefully formulated with a unique terpene blend to offer natural, targeted solutions for managing discomfort and enhancing wellbeing:

Soothe Terpenes Tailored for those in search of natural relief, Soothe provides a gentle yet effective approach to managing chronic discomfort. Discover the soothing benefits and how it can support your health journey here.

Calm Terpenes: Created for individuals looking to manage stress, Calm offers a a helping hand in tackling stressors of everyday life, fostering relaxation and peace of mind. Learn about Calm and its stress-relieving qualities here.

Energise Terpenes: For those needing a boost in energy and mental clarity, Energise is engineered to revitalize your day and sharpen your focus. Explore the invigorating properties of Energise here.

Siesta Terpenes: Enhance your sleep quality with Siesta, a blend dedicated to supporting restful sleep. Siesta is your natural ally for supporting natural sleep cycles. Discover more about Siesta and its benefits here.

Why Opt for Vasse Valley's Terpene Tonics?

Choosing our Terpene Tonics signifies more than just a preference for natural wellness solutions; it reflects a commitment to quality, innovation, and supporting an Australian, family-owned business that values eco-friendly practices.

Vasse Valley's Terpene Tonics are designed to offer a scientifically-backed, premium alternative to conventional approaches, aligning with our dedication to enhancing health and wellness through natural means.

We are passionate about offering effective, natural alternatives for those seeking relief from common lifestyle challenges. Our Terpene Tonics are crafted with your health and wellbeing as our top priority, ensuring a high-quality, natural approach to improving your quality of life.
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