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Raw Hemp Protein - 250g - 5kg

Raw Hemp Protein - 250g - 5kg

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A high quality,  Australian grown, plant-based protein containing a minimum of 40% highly digestible protein.

Hemp protein is a great source of vegan protein and is also a valuable source of fibre and omegas.

Plant-based proteins are generally easier for your body to digest and are a healthy alternative to meat.

Unlike meat, hemp protein contains healthy fats and a whopping 20% fibre, which makes it a more complete food source to support your immune system and gut health.

Uses: Best used in smoothies – we’ve included a great recipe for you on our packaging. Also makes a great addition to protein balls and baked goods, including bread.

Ingredients: 100% Australian grown hemp seeds

Servings per packet: 8, Serving size 30g
per serve per 100g
Energy 491kg 1637kj
Protein 13.1g 43.6g
Fat 3.9g 12.9g
Saturated fat 0.4g 1.3g
Monounsaturated fat 0.4g 1.2g
Polyunsaturated fat 3.1g 10.4g
Carbohydrate 7.4g 24.6g
– Total sugars 1.4g 4.6g
Dietary fibre 6.1g 20.2g
Sodium 0.04g 0.14g
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The information and product description/details are for illustration purposes only and not to be construed as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, or in any way replace qualified medical supervision. For any medical conditions, consult with your health care provider before using any products. As with all products, individual experiences may vary, and every product may not be for everyone. Hemp seed oil may not be legal in all jurisdictions. Please verify legality at destination prior to shipping internationally.


Are there any known allergens in your products?

All of our products are free from dairy, eggs, gluten.

For those with nut allergies, the hemp hearts, protein and oil are processed in a facility that ONLY processes hemp. These products should be safe for you to eat. Our Roasted Range (Dukkah, Salad Sprinkle, Crumble) either contain or may contain traces of sesame, almonds and other nuts.

For those with allergies to fragrances, in particular Linalool and Limonene, it is best to either avoid using the Terpene Tonics or use with caution.

Hemp, like many natural products, has the potential to be an allergen for some individuals, although it's relatively uncommon compared to more prevalent allergens like peanuts, dairy, or shellfish.

For individuals trying hemp products for the first time or those who suspect they may have a food allergy, it's wise to start with small amounts and monitor for any adverse reactions. If you suspect you have an allergy to hemp or experience unexpected symptoms after consuming hemp products, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional for proper testing and guidance.

What makes hemp a high quality protein source, compared to a popular one like beef?

Unlike many other plant-protein sources, hemp contains a complete protein source, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids our body needs to maintain, grow and repair. What’s more, this protein is highly digestible, meaning your body can absorb and use it effectively.

You may wonder why many people are switching to plant-based protein, rather than sticking to traditional animal protein. Many reasons are health-based. For example, a recent study found that those eating the most fruit/veg dense diets had a 31% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and a 20% lower risk of overall mortality than those eating animal-focused diets.  Also, compared to their meat counterparts, pound-for-pound, plant proteins pack more nutrients into fewer calories. This means you are getting most of the nutrients found in meat, but without the added saturated fat. Besides vitamin B12, plants have a similar vitamin profile to meat and the added benefit of fibre and phytocompounds such as terpenes, flavonoids and polyphenols, which offer a wide range of health benefits. 

Read more about hemp protein in this blog.

Will I test positive for THC in a drug test?

Eating hemp seeds has little effect on a person’s THC levels ― and never enough to exceed the levels looked for in federal drug testing programs. So rest assured, hemp seed is safe to eat and you can eat it daily and have no risk of failing a drug test.

The Terpenes used in our Terpene Tonics have all been extracted from common herbs and spices and do not contain THC.

Want further proof? Co-Founder Chris Blake was employed in the mining sector whilst establishing Vasse Valley. As the owner of a hemp farm, Chris was drug tested every swing! He passed all tests without any concern :-)

Are terpenes or hemp safe for kids, breastfeeding or pregnancy?

Terpenes are in most fruit and vegetables and are generally recognised as safe. While some terpenes may have potential health benefits, the safety of using terpene products, especially in concentrated forms, on children is not well-studied. Therefore, we do not recommend using the terpenes for children under 12.

Likewise for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Due to lack of data it is safest not to use these products.

Hemp seed is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and for kids from the moment they start eating solids. Hemp seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain development in infants. 

Read more in our blog Is hemp seed safe to eat: 3 myths busted!

How do I include hemp in my diet?

Hemp seed is a wonderfully versatile ingredient, suitable for both savoury and sweet meals. The traditional hemp seeds (hearts) are mild, nutty and small so can easily be incorporated into cereals, salads, baking etc. They are tiny nutritional powerhouses and easy to sneak into kids' meals. You will find a wide range of hemp food products available on the market today, from nut butters to milk alternatives. At Vasse Valley, we stock the traditional hearts, oil, capsules and protein powder as well as our award winning roasted hemp seed condiments, including a dukkah and salad sprinkle. 

Check out our wonderful range of recipes for ideas on how to use hemp in your diet.

How long does shipping take?

Vasse Valley is located in Regional Western Australia. Please allow the following amount of time for your order to arrive based your region:

WA (metro): 5 business days
WA (regional): 10 business days
Other states (metro): 5-10 business days
Other states (regional): 5-15 business days

Express Post orders are dispatched within 1 business day. 

Regular Post orders are dispatched within 1 - 3 business days.

Orders must be placed before 6pm to be counted as placed during that business day. Orders are not shipped on weekends or public holidays.

Order processing delays that are outside of our control can occasionally occur. If processing of your order will be delayed by more than 3 days we will contact you directly.

More information can be found in our Shipping Policy