Eat hemp seeds daily for improved health

Eat hemp seeds daily for improved health

If you’re looking for a new tasty ingredient to add to your meals, try hemp seeds. At Vasse Valley, we grow hemp ourselves to provide you with hemp seeds directly from the source. Hemp is full of essential omega oils and good fats that make them a superfood and a great addition to a healthy diet.


Besides tasting great, hemp seed is rich in nutrients we need to keep us healthy. In particular, hemp seed is well-known for being high in protein, essential fatty acids and fibre. It also provides a great source of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. Most hemp seed products extract the oil or seed husk but Vasse Valley’s famous roasted range gives you the complete set of nutritional benefits that only the whole seed can give. For more information check out our ABOUT page.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Hemp Seeds

You may be ready to jump on the latest trend but take the time to discover how to use your new purchase most effectively.
  • Supplement for other nuts: With the rise in peanut allergies, it can be important to have a replacement on hand. Switching to hemp seeds in your daily regimen can help avoid the allergy issues of your family members. Regardless, it is crucial to never assume that someone isn’t allergic to a food item. Always inform people consuming your food of possible allergens in them.
  • Look for spice mixes: Once you try our regular hemp seed crumble, you can branch out and try our other products with spice mixes to add a little more kick. Our hemp seed Dukkah is homemade and has a distinct chilli after-hit to add a little something extra to your home cooking.
  • Try out hemp milk: Those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen can try their hand at turning their newly purchased seeds into fresh hemp milk. For vegans, this can be an excellent homebrew to replace dairy milk in their fridge. The hint of nutty flavour makes it ideal for coffee additions, smoothies, and cereal. Have you ever tried a hemp latte?
As a final point, our hemp seeds are non-GMO and grown without the application of chemical sprays and are free of any undesirable contaminants.

What Sets Vasse Valley’s Hemp Seed Products Apart

We’ve been doing this for years, and every season we learn something new about growing hemp seeds in Australia.
  • Products stocked nationwide and online: While Vasse Valley is an online store, we have over 140 stockists across Australia who know and love our products. They keep a stock of our different oils and seeds to make your purchase easier to access locally. You can find a full list of stockists to determine which is most accessible to you. If your favourite store doesn’t stock our products, we invite you to contact us to request adding them to our growing list of stockists. Otherwise, check out our user-friendly online store.
  • Varied products: To increase the utility of hemp seeds, we offer them in a couple of variations. Our basic hemp hearts are hulled seeds with a full nutty flavour. We also carry more specific items such as hemp crumble, and an award-winning hemp dukkah.
  • 100% Australian owned and operated: We care about the community we serve because we are a part of it. When you shop with Vasse Valley, you know you’re supporting a local business. Being Australian-based also cuts down on shipping costs and time to ensure you receive your items cheaper and faster AND with a lower carbon footprint.

About Vasse Valley

We dedicate all our efforts to quality. We grow hemp using natural practices to ensure plants grow strong and healthy. We are one of the farmers who originally joined hands in 2017 to form HempGro, Australia's first cooperative centred on hemp farming and cultivation. We use our shared knowledge and skills to continue improving our seed quality every year. Read our story and learn more about the additional health benefits and unique flavour of roasted hemp seeds. If you have any questions or need advice, contact us at your convenience.
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