Terpenes Success Stories! Four Reviews of Vasse Valley’s Terpene Tonics

Terpenes Success Stories! Four Reviews of Vasse Valley’s Terpene Tonics

Have you heard about Vasse Valley’s Terpenes Tonics? These wonderful little bottles of goodness were launched in November 2021 and have become an instant success. In fact, Vasse Valley won the 2021 Western Australian Business Innovation Award for this product range. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds from plants. They are especially abundant in the cannabis plant and other plants with strong aromas, such as lavender, eucalyptus and basil. Like cannabinoids, the active components in medicinal cannabis, terpenes interact with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. Thus, terpenes offer consumers a cheaper alternative to medicinal cannabis. If you think medicinal cannabis will help you, then try these first. They may be all your body needs. Terpene Tonics - Vasse Valley Hemp To help you understand the consumer experience, we’ve asked four of our long-term customers how terpenes have improved their life.

But first, what are the differences between CANNABINOIDS vs TERPENES?

Cannabinoids and terpenes are both naturally occurring products in plants. They are used as the plant’s defence mechanism to ward off insects, disease and fungus. Essentially, they are the plant’s immune system. It should therefore come as no surprise that these compounds also interact with our immune system. Cannabinoids are generally larger compounds and are limited to the cannabis plant. Terpenes are much more common and diverse and you already eat them! Every cup of tea you drink or salad you eat is rich in terpenes! Cannabinoids VS Terpenes

Terpene Tonics explained:

Terpenes are the natural compounds that give plants and flowers their odours and aromas. Some terpenes have a similar structure to CBD oil, which is why they can stimulate similar responses in our bodies. The wonderful thing about terpenes is they occur in all plants, not just cannabis. This means they are cheaper to extract and contain no THC. They are also perfectly legal to use. There are four blends in our Terpene Tonic range 〰️ SIESTA is designed to help improve sleep quality. 〰️ CALM is designed to help assist in managing stress and anxiety. 〰️ ENERGISE is designed to help improve mood, motivation and energy levels. 〰️ SOOTHE is designed to help treat inflammatory conditions and chronic pain. Australian Influencer - @eatingwellwithsez - Loves Vasse Valley's Terpene Tonics

Terpene Tonic Questions for each interviewee:

  1. Tell us about yourself and the lifestyle challenges (e.g. chronic pain, poor sleep) that led you to terpenes.
  2. What is your experience with conventional treatments?
  3. Have you tried medicinal cannabis? Why/Why not?
  4. Which of Vasse Valley's Terpene Tonics do you use and describe your experience with them. Based on all of your experience can you offer any advice to people with a similar condition?
  5. What new products would you like Vasse Valley to work on next?

INTERVIEW #1 - Ben Portman:

Q1 A: I’ve had lower back pain for years due to being a heavy noble machine operator & standing upright for prolonged periods of time. Q2 A: Daily pill popping only gave me temporary relief, physio became too demanding with trying to balance work/life demands. Q3 A: No, I haven't tried medicinal cannabis due to the nature of the industry I work in. I’m subject to random drug testing and always have been concerned with failing a drug test which would then affect my livelihood. Q4 A: I’ve tried all four Terpene Tonics and they have all been very effective with not only me but my children as well. My children use Calm at least twice a week which is helping with managing hyperactivity. My wife uses the Energise blend and Siesta when life pressures get demanding. This helps her sleep better and picks her up when feeling rundown. I used Soothe daily for a period of 6 months and now only use it twice a week, soothe got me off taking pills every day and since I started using terpenes I haven’t touched pain killers since. Q5 A: Honestly try it and stick to it for at least a week or two, don’t take pills while your taking terpenes or at least cut back on them. Q6 A: Terpene capsules - would be the way to go for sure.

INTERVIEW #2 - Mikayla Hair:

Q1 A: We are a family of four just living life and trying our best to do and be our best selves, my husband and I stumbled across these products at Origin Markets in Busselton and we decided to try them for our son who has undiagnosed ADHD and spectrum autism. The gentleman was lovely and super easy to talk to and recommended we use the Energise to help with his focus. Q2 A: We have had a positive response than to the conventional treatment, our son has a more calming focus throughout the day and has gone up 3 reading levels and has learnt to tie his shoelaces. We really couldn’t be more proud and happy. Q3 A: No one in our family has tried medicinal cannabis. This would be for no real reason except that I thought it was illegal. Or had to be prescribed. Q4 A: My son is currently only using the Energise but we are very interested in trying others. We have had great positive experiences watching our son’s reading and focus get better. Q5 A: The only thing I can advise is for people to try it cause it’s definitely worth its weight in gold. Q6 A: Bigger bottles or liquid capsules

INTERVIEW #3 - Mark Gillbard:

Q1 A: I have lived in the Wheatbelt for roughly 30 years. Out here you don’t always have a GP, Pharmacy, Physio or Chiro you can call on. I used to be a Shearer for 10 years and it has left a few niggles here and there along with general wear and tear on the body. I was having sore hips, back and shoulder pain on a daily basis until I was put onto Vasse Valley Hemp Farm. I have been managing Aquatic Centres now for the last 20 years and swimming has been my go to for exercise but even this has been a struggle with bursitis in both shoulders. With this pain comes interrupted sleep which soon turns into a pattern of waking at say 1am staring at the ceiling and not being able to get back to sleep. This was ongoing until I started the Terpenes. Q2 A: As mentioned above the services you require to try to solve these issues aren’t always available out here. I have tried Chiro, Physio, Dr, Cortisone injection and Radial Shockwave Therapy and have had some success with the latter but treatment, cost and availability was always an issue for me. Q3 A: I looked into Medicinal Cannabis a while back but the ongoing monthly cost was not affordable. Q4 A: I use 4 drops of Soothe Terpene under my tongue before I go to work for my pain relief and the change for me is awesome. No longer have the hip pain that was constant during the day and a dull ache all night which would keep you awake. Back pain is minimal these days and my shoulder pain from the Bursitis is almost non-existent. When I would come home I would need to raise my arm above shoulder height to open a gate and just doing this empty handed was painful to the point I would have to lift my arm with my other arm just to get it high enough. I use 3 drops of Siesta Terpene for my sleep. My sleep patterns were all over the shot from the pain and got stuck into the pattern of waking in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. Since starting the Siesta just before bed, I wake in the morning and feel like I have had a good solid night sleep so I am very happy with this product also. Q5 A: I have told friends about these products and those that have tried them have said thankyou. Everyone is different in what they get out of any treatments but the cost of this treatment makes it affordable to at least give it a try and can only be a good thing as all natural and WA based. I swear by it and would recommend giving it a go. Q6 A: Not for me but maybe look into something for smokers wanting to try and give up.

INTERVIEW #4 - Doriana Mangili

Q1 A: Sleep is always an issue, with a busy lifestyle and work pressures, switching off the brain at night to encourage sleep is difficult. With the Siesta terpene I just drift off almost immediately. It is just amazing how quickly and effectively it works. I recommended it for my 87 year old mum who has had sleep issues for as long as I can remember and it’s working for her as well, my partner is also taking the Soothe and Siesta, and my next door neighbour is also taking them now for inflammation and sleep. I have recommended the terpenes to many friends and family and they have all found them life changing. Q2 A: I have avoided conventional treatments opting for mindfulness/meditation instead for sleep, however the Siesta terpene is what has really worked. My mother has been able to stop taking sleeping tablets. Q3 A: No, I have never had the need. Q4 A: Siesta for getting to sleep, Energise for when I feel I need that extra focus, Calm when things get a bit hectic and I just need to slow down and focus and destress, and Soothe for those aches and pains particularly joint type pain. I have also bought turmeric and hemp oil capsules. I really notice a difference if I miss taking the hemp and turmeric and hemp oil capsules with joint aches and pains. Q5 A: I just recommend anyone who has problems with sleep, focus or energy, or is taking anti inflammatories for arthritic pain to try the terpenes and the hemp oil and turmeric capsules. They are really life changing. Q6: I think a refill bottle for the terpenes as I use so many!

Blog Conclusion:

Overall, the team at Vasse Valley Hemp Farm hopes that you have enjoyed reading our customers Terpenes Success Stories. For more customer reviews, simply head to your product of choice in our online shop and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can purchase our range of Terpenes Tonics online here. Alternatively, you can also purchase our Terpene Tonics and Hemp Foods range at the Origins Market in Busselton. Vasse Valley Terpene Tonics - at Origins Market Busselton Blog Post By: Steve Barko Digital Marketing
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