Vasse Valley & Mode Healthcare offer plant-based alternatives

Vasse Valley & Mode Healthcare offer plant-based alternatives

Many people are feeling a little fed up with conventional medicines owned by giant pharmaceutical companies and are looking for plant-based alternatives. Whilst prescription medicines may get rid of symptoms, they often have side-effects and don’t treat the cause of the problem.

Why plant-based alternatives?

Plants offer a natural method to re-balance your body and put you back on the right path to good health. Humans have evolved on a diet rich in plants from a wide diversity of species. In fact, there are about 400,000 species of plants on earth, at least half of which are edible for humans. Yet, globally, humans only consume about 200 of these species, and the average household consumes only about 30 species. What's more, many species are farmed on nutrient poor soils and have lost a lot of their nutritional value. In short, we are not eating the diversity of plants our ancestors did and the plants we are eating are poor quality. Not surprisingly, a number of modern-day illnesses are linked to nutrient deficiencies.

How do I find the right GP?

Finding a medical practitioner to advise which natural treatment is best for you can be very challenging. Many conventional GPs will not endorse alternative therapies. Mind you, many GPs are equally fed up with the current medical system and are starting to investigate more natural treatments. If your GP is not supportive of your decision to find more natural treatments, perhaps it's time you found a new doctor. Since launching our Terpene Tonics, a lot of desperate people have been coming to us with their health problems. They are desperate because they have tried the conventional medical pathway and it either has not helped, or they cannot tolerate the side-effects associated with long-term pharmaceutical use. Whilst the Vasse Valley team has strong knowledge in terpenes and hemp seed based health benefits, we are not qualified to offer medical advice. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the legends at Mode Healthcare who specialise in plant-based therapies.

Introducing Mode Healthcare

Mode Healthcare's Chief Medical Director and Founder, Dr Matty Moore, is one of Australia's most well-known and respected prescribers of medicinal cannabis. In this blog we chat to Dr Moore about his journey towards plant-based therapies, including medicinal cannabis, and what Mode Healthcare can offer. 


Qu 1. Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to study medicine.

I’ve wanted to be a GP since I was a child. I had several very influential men in my life and all were physicians. This love for people and connection combined with my passion for science led me to medical school and my dream of being a healer.

Qu 2. Which events lead to the founding of Mode Healthcare

MODE stems from a real desire to provide alternative treatments for my patients. Patients around the world are searching for a different way to treat their health problems. The old system of healthcare is no longer resonating with the public and there needs to be a significant change. The age of information has changed how patients take care of their health and the informed patient, in the long run, is far better off. At MODE we provide not only plant medicine but connection, dietary advice, mindfulness, passion for meditation, and encourage body movement with exercise.


Qu 3. Which health conditions do you most commonly prescribe medicinal cannabis for?

Mainly chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia

Qu 4. What are some of the risks and limitations of medicinal cannabis?

The risks and limitations of cannabis medicines come with the psychoactive component, THC. This is the majority cannabinoid that can have side effects and can limit our prescribing due to driving laws and the fact that most companies don’t allow THC to be in the system when working due to the potential for impairment.

Qu 5. What do you recommend to those who can’t afford medicinal cannabis?

For those that cannot afford prescription cannabis medicines, then I would encourage them to try terpenes which are the component of the cannabis plant that provides its smell and taste. These are known to be therapeutic as well at only a fraction of the price.

The MODE team are now recommending Vasse Valley's Terpene Tonics to patients they believe will benefit from them. If you would like to book a consultation with Dr Moore or one of his highly qualified team simple go to to book an appointment and receive $50 off your first consultation. Virtual options exist, so even if you are in Far North Queensland, so long as you have a good internet connection you can book in for an appointment. Wishing everyone good health!

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