Vegan Hemp and Coriander Pesto Recipe

Vegan Hemp and Coriander Pesto Recipe

  • Here's a pesto recipe with a difference! Most pesto recipes use basil leaves, but in this one, we've substituted basil with coriander, pine nuts with hemp seeds, and parmesan cheese with dukkah.
Everyone loves pesto; it is refreshing, light and great on pasta. In this pesto recipe we use coriander instead of basil. The inspiration came from the abundance of coriander we had growing in our garden.

Coriander health benefits

Coriander is cheap, easy to grow, and widely used to flavour a variety of cuisines. Like most herbs, it contains valuable anti-oxidants, which help our bodies function and eradicate cancer-causing free radicals. Coriander also has antibiotic properties and can aid in relieving some digestive issues, including e. coli and salmonella infections.

Hemp seeds over pine nuts

You will notice in this pesto recipe we have replaced pine nuts with hemp seeds (hearts). Hemp seeds are generally cheaper than pine nuts and similar in flavour. They are also higher in protein and have a better omega profile. Be careful when purchasing hemp seeds as many brands use imported seed or contain a lot of seed husk due to inferior processing equipment. Aim to purchase a 100% Australian grown product that is light, creamy and contains little to no husk. Luckily, we've already done the hard work for you as Vasse Valley hemp hearts tick all of these boxes. Yay!

Dukkah instead of parmesan cheese

Parmesan balances out the strong herb flavour in traditional pesto and adds a bit of salt to further enhance flavour. But if looking for vegan recipes you can achieve the same effect with dukkah. Aim for a high quality dukkah that is packed with natural flavours.

Easy Hemp and Coriander Pesto Recipe

A recipe by Libby Finlayson – Libby has a passion for healthy living, a balanced lifestyle and helping others. She specialises in one on one health and life coaching, group coaching, and has an interest in creating a healthy FIFO mindset. Libby also conducts workshops and helps implement healthy office habits, life skills and focus on energy, metabolic wellness and stress reduction. Libby proudly presents her hemp and coriander pesto recipe - INGREDIENTS Makes 1 cup 3 cups of fresh coriander 1 garlic clove 1/4 cup Vasse Valley Raw Hemp Hearts 1/4 cup olive oil 2 tbs Vasse Valley Roasted Hemp Seed Dukkah Salt and pepper to taste - METHOD In a food processor, whizz all ingredients together until desired consistency. - SERVING SUGGESTIONS Add to cheese boards as a dip, stir through soups, pasta and curries, or eat on its own with crusty bread.
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