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Hemp is safe to eat

Hemp seeds contain no THC so they are safe for the whole family to eat and there is no risk of testing positive for cannabis in a drug test.

The power of terpenes

Terpenes - natural plant compounds that can have powerful therapeutic effects, including pain relief, improved sleep & reduced anxiety.

Tree planting project

In 2023 we are revegetating 25% of our farm to native bushland. Find out more about this initiative and how you can be involved.

Terpenes for pain

Introducing Terpene Tonics

If you believe medicinal cannabis will help you, then start with our Terpene Tonics. Some terpenes can activate the same receptors as cannabinoids and help manage health more holistically and within budget.

Terpenes for pain

The problem

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the body's master regulator of homeostasis (balance). When there is dysfunction in this system the body becomes unbalanced and this contributes to illness and degenerative disease.

terpenes for stress

The solution

Terpenes can activate the receptors of the ECS. This may help reduce pain and inflammation, protect the cardiovascular and nervous systems, reduce anxiety, and aid sleep.


Terpenes are natural compounds that give plants their aromas. They are the active constituent in essential oils and have a wide range of uses and benefits. Find out more here!

Vasse Valley Hemp Products Are Ready For You To Buy

Local Hemp Farm in Vasse

Family life on a small hemp farm

With a desire to make a SUSTAINABLE living on our family farm, we started growing industrial hemp in 2015. We've since developed our famous Vasse Valley Roasted Hemp Seed Crumble, plus a range of other healthy, hemp-inspired foods.

We aim to provide our customers with unique, healthy and functional hemp foods to keep you fully charged and knowing that you are supporting Australian farmers and businesses.

Our other aim is to normalise hemp and reduce the fear and stigma associated with cannabis. Our kids think it is just another plant. One day the rest of the population will too.

Learn More The Blakes Vasse Valley Hemp has so many uses!

Why We Love Hemp

Hemp grows incredibly quickly, making it a great substitute for tree-based products. It is also great for our planet as it captures carbon and removes soil toxins. Plastics made from hemp are 100% biodegradable and hemp paper and housing are totally renewable and drastically reduce our dependence on timber, saving our forests We love hemp because it is:
  • Healthy and Sustainable
  • Tastes Fabulous
  • Versatile Cooking Ingredient – Savoury and Sweet
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Renewable

At Vasse Valley we are passionate about growing hemp as a healthy and sustainable food source that can nurture both the human population and the environment. We aim to provide our customers with a unique, healthy and home-grown product to keep you fully charged and knowing that you are supporting local farmers and businesses.

Contact Vasse Valley for more information on hemp farming, hemp products, hemp purchases or anything else hemp related.

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Vasse Valley was the first business in Australia to win awards for hemp inspired foods.

Vasse Valley Packaging of the Year 2019 Silver Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2019 Bronze Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2019 Food Awards 2019 - Bronze - Perth Royal


"I threw your Dukkah in a salad last night. Holy crap! Next level salad! It’s my new favourite thing! So I just wanted to let you know that I’m a fan!! Top job Guys!" Mel "I’ve ordered twice from VV and am always happy with the quality. Most impressive is their environmental packaging! Except the post parcel everything is natural and nicely wrapped." Karen “I absolutely love the dukkah!! The protein and hearts are great too. Everything smells and tastes so fresh! Ordering was easy and delivery took less than a week using standard post." Kristina "Delicious and healthy products using Australian grown hemp. The dukkah and oil are my favs….so tasty and full of health benefits!" Ramona Previous Next