Natural sleep support

Another day starts and you awake feeling as though you've hardly slept. How are you going to face the day feeling this tired?

There are so many things that keep us awake. Worry about the kids not coping in school. Worry about that upcoming mortgage payment. Worry about our relationship. Or is it simply age setting? Those sleep hormones are not performing as they used to. 

Whatever the reason, Vasse Valley has a range of products formulated to help support natural sleep cycles.

Vasse Valley's Siesta Terpenes support a natural sleep cycles

Siesta Tonic

Siesta infuses Eybna's Receptor-Specific™ Formulations designed to promote sleep and sleep enhancing effects.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, Siesta's non-drowsy formula won't make you feel groggy the next morning. Instead, awake feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day. 

Testimonial: I use Siesta every night and have had the best sleep. I do not wake up during the night at all. Highly recommend this product. Marlene G.

What Sets Siesta Apart?

  • Non-melatonin Sleep Support: Melatonin simply doesn't work for everyone. Siesta is a natural alternative targeting specific sleep receptors within the body.
  • Start Your Day Right: Experience the difference in your overall well-being. Siesta isn't just about sleep; it's about waking up to a new day feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Vasse Valley's Siesta terpenes come in a 30ml tincture bottle

Calm Tonic

Calm is a wellness tonic of Australian hemp seed oil infused with a terpene formulation designed to assist in managing stress.

Like all of our Terpene Tonics, Calm  infuses Eybna's Receptor-Specific™ Formulations.

Using Calm during the day may assist in getting a good night's rest if stress is the primary reason for your sleep disturbances.

Testimonial: Excellent product - I feel amazingly calmer - I didn't even realise how much I was exhausting myself with nervous energy. Sharon L.

Vasse Valley's Calm Terpenes come in a 30ml tincture bottle with dropper

What sets our Tonics apart?

  • 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Advanced, premium formulation 
  • Free from artificial additives
  • Scientifically formulated 
  • Australian family-owned business
  • Hemp seed oil capsules

    Omega-3 fatty acids found in foods like fatty fish, hemp seeds, and walnuts, have been studied for their potential impact on sleep and overall sleep quality.

    While more research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms, there is some evidence to suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may play a role in promoting better sleep.

    Vasse Valley's Hemp Seed Oil Capsules bottle contain 120 x 1000mg softgel capsules

    Better sleep the natural way

    Whichever product or combination of products you chose, join countless others who have found greater support in managing their sleep the natural way using Vasse Valley. The proof is in the testimonials!

    Are you ready to start sleeping better? Embrace a life of peaceful sleep and wake up ready to conquer the day. 

    Because your sleep deserves it.